Friday, March 15, 2013

Cathedral Game

Its not a puzzle technically, but it certainly has some puzzle characteristics. M was very happy to beat me today!

The idea of the game is to place all of your pieces on the board. Each player takes turns placing their pieces. If you manage to wall of a section of the board, that becomes your territory and your opponent cant place a piece there. If you manage to enclose exactly 1 other building of your opponent (or the neutral cathedral) then it is removed. Play starts with someone placing the cathedral anywhere on the board.

Three small rule details; 

  1. You cannot claim space on your first turn 
  2. In order for building to connected, they have to touch adjacent squares (in other words, if two buildings are touching diagonally, they are not connected
  3. You cannot use the cathedral to form part of a wall that encloses space.
Mercedes was very happy to kick my ass. As you can see, she has placed all of her pieces and I have 3 buildings left!

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