Friday, February 15, 2013

New Puzzle Day!

Mercedes ordered two new puzzles that showed up today! A 500pc from Master Pieces called "Pansies and Puppies" and a 1000pc from Piatnik called "Cocktails". M really wants a boxer puppy, but we are going to settle for a puzzle of one for now. The cocktails puzzle is self explanatory!

We really like the Piatnik puzzles. We just finished the Pencil Collage earlier this week! The pieces feel very good in the hand, have a good size and a very satisfying click when placed! M likes to snap them hard!

This will be our first Master Pieces puzzle. We wil let you know how it goes! We bought both puzzles from  so far, perfect service!

Cocktails (1000pcs by Piatnik)

Pansies and Puppies (500pcs by Master Pieces)

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