Friday, February 15, 2013

Double Retrospect Progress Report

Last night I finished pink in section "A" while M finished our first Venice puzzle and started the vintage Lighthouse 500pc from Clementoni. It took about 5 hours to do the pink in total. I feel like I have found the "tricks" to completing this puzzle.

We ended up puzzling until 2:30 in the morning and getting pretty punch drunk on lack of sleep. I really love staying up late and puzzling at the table with M. We end up making fun or each other and laughing ourselves silly. Apparently, I do this thing where I place three fingers on the puzzle while I hunt. M calls it my puzzle hug!

Since this is our first blog, here are the progress photos to date!
The puzzle arrives!

This is what 32000pcs look like! We are gonna need a bigger  table. M is in the background, she is thinking, fuck this puzzle!

Starting the sort of section "A"

Time for a beer



The army of white pieces. The section in foreground is 500 pure white pieces to search through of  "standard" pieces (2 out 2 in tabs). I soon seperated these into horizontal and vertical pieces effectively cutting the search space in half! Very helpful tool to solving this puzzle!

Progress! The puzzle repeats itself. It is cut as 1 picture wide and two pictures tall and then all pieces repeat. Therefore, each section has exactly two identical pieces. This makes it easy because shen you fine once piece , you can easily find its partner while doing the border and double your efforts! once i discovered this, it goes much faster!

I quick message to M!

Section "A" frame completed! Now I can break the frame onto the much more manageable puzzle boards and get  the table back!

Green Completed!

Green Completed!

Green and Pink Completed


  1. I was wondering if the puzzle arrives in sections or do you have to sort into sections? Is it possible to completely finish the first four blocks then move to the next? Thanks and good luck with completing the puzzle.

  2. Kim, the puzzle comes in 8 bags. Each bag contains 4 images. We started with Bag A.